Water/weather proofing the lithium batteries

I’m in the process of making battery trays that fit my new Volt cells to keep things all tight and “non-explody” when it occurred to me about halfway in that these batteries don’t look terribly water resistant how they sit. Granted, they have plastic covers, but I can imagine water seeping in.

Are the Lithium convert guys here doing something fancy with their new packs to protect them from the elements? Should I jam these into one of those plastic flip-top lid plastic boxes? Should I keep my travels to dry days only?
I know I’ve seen @Inwo driving around in the snow but I can’t recall if that was with old or new batteries.

I don’t see a problem with the batteries running under water.
It is only the connections that will have issues. Imo.
Corrosion and electrolysis. Cells themselves are totally sealed. Not vented at all.
Often sealing is counterproductive. Sealing moisture in.
My batteries have a flap of rubber roofing over the top.
Yes, I drive in snow and splash through muddy watter.

I suppose I just had visions of water sloshing around over all the top metal tabs and turning my back seat into a fireworks show.
More rubber flaps does sound like a easier solution than making boxes and new trays. Thanks man.

I would think the most important thing is to have the batteries securely mounted.

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So sitting loose on the floor of the back row of seats is no bueno? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Dat GEM would be da bomb!

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