Gem programming in Southern California

I’m in So Cal for 2 weeks San Diego and O.C. I will be programming a few Gems while I’m here. If you want your Gem custom programmed let me know.


I do. I’m in Malibu. 2001 GEM with T2 controller. 23s lithium out of a 2019 Nissan Leaf and it needs some programming for sure… Come on over and we’ll ride it to the beach :sunny:

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My GOD - look how clean that thing is…
What the hell??? LOL

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Nice! You split the pack up and put them on the side battery holders. I made one large pack and shoehorned it into the center compartment leaving the side battery holders empty.

I recommend you put something around the batteries though. there are areas around the compression/mount holes where you can see the lithium bags so any grains of sand which fly up through the open floor and land in there will wedge into the bags and could puncture over time as the bags expand and contract with use/charging. I just put some thick plastic bag material around mine and then put a cardboard box over all of that sealing the seams with packing tape. Need to try and close up the open floor too since that would mean a dry battery area and I could put storage boxes on each side of the battery pack.

You put a charger in the middle?

The middle is the larger pack (9s) in an aluminum enclosure. BMS box will mount on top of it. I am planning to also enclose the side packs (7s each) and will have custom aluminum boxes fabricated once all runs. For now I have a liner to stop gravel coming from the back. Will enclose the bottom with liner too.

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My 22S Leaf Gen 4 pack all went in the middle section.