Want to buy R&T hunter "not running" prefered

I just got back from a trip in the woods for some target shooting. Took the R&T that I’ve been building with a buddy.
I love that thing with the big ac motor. Lot’s of power 40mph down the highway. (limited)
Smooth riding and quiet.
These are 10 times better than BB buggies. We’ve been running the same double set of green cells for a week. Soc hasn’t moved yet. I think that we spend so much time in regen it doesn’t deplete the batteries.
This is a $5k conversion to ac and lithium, but worth every penny.
I called my buddy and told him I was going to keep it. He was not amused.

Works this great after previous owner hit a stump and pushed the right front back 3 inches. It always turns right, but even if that wasn’t repairable, I’d love it as-is.