Vinnie from American Chopper modding his GEM

I’m installing a new D&D motor right now and wasn’t sure what I needed to do with the temp sensor so I was checking out the Ride-4-Fun instructions as they too don’t have a temp sensor. Their video instructions were updated to include two videos that Vinnie DiMartino from the TV show American Chopper made when he installed the R4F motor and controller in his 2002 E4. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen the show but always liked him on it. Cool to see him modding his GEM with his son.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Oh, and for those wondering, the temp sensor harness needs to be shorted.

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I saw those when they first came out. Was cool to see him goofing around with a GEM. He has some cool stuff in his car stable.

Yep. Put a bent chunk of wire in mine and taped it over.

At some point, I should grab a temp sensor and slap it on.

I am a little disappointed it doesn’t come with a temp sensor as I was interested in logging that through the controller during testing. It’s a sealed motor but it’s supposed to be able to handle the heat.

Have you had a chance to drive the car with that motor yet? Is that the “speed/torque motor 25hp peak? Have a friend who is looking at one for his 2009 6 seater. Have herd those do not wind up and are not as fast as the 2b. Any input of your results would be appreciated. TIA

This is the ES-132-69 motor from D&D. The same motor @GEMRIX and @Jb0389 are currently running but both have the 14.76:1 gears. The 69 is the speed version and the 68 is the torque version. I don’t have specifics on the differences between the 68 and 69 but @GEMRIX has tried both. D&D said both versions have a max RPM of 6,500. I put the 10.35:1 gears in my E6 so I’m anxious to see how this setup runs. I’ll post a separate thread once I have some seat time with it.