Very rare Electrical Hybrid car for sale

One very rare and historical electrical hybrid car for sale.

This car is one of 2 known cars left alive.

The history behind the Solon car company.

The Company started around 1993 and started up in Uddevalla and in close cooperation with Volvo which had their production next to Solon Car company.
The idea was to produce a plug in electrical hybrid car (even before the term plug in was invented) and this was done by producing a small sporty car with electrical motor powering the car while batteries powered the electrical engines. The car also ha a petrol engine that powered a generator charging the battery as an range extender.

The investors invested in Solon and 7 cars were built. The investors did how ever not put enough money into the company and Volvo directed their focus towards their own EV version of the S80 which were being developed at the time. Solon car company was on the way to close down due to founding not being enough and in the last second the company was sold to a German company which bought everything, even the Swedish typewriters from the Solon car company office. The German company did build a small number of cars (How many is not known) and then the project was closed down.

The Solon car company is a very small and interesting part of Swedish car history and the Solon electrical hybrid car was very efficient for its time and also had fuel consumption far below the consumption of modern electrical hybrid cars.

Today her is only two known cars alive. The first one which is a production version is owned by the Swedish technical museum in Stockholm and it is displayed at the museum.

The other known car is the one for sale and it is an experimental version that was built by the German company for a special EV marathon contest through Europe. It does not have the same power train as the production version but was built with an inline electrical engine mounted on a slit 4 cylinder diesel engine. which powered the wheels through a ordinary gearbox.

The battery in the car is a Zebra battery produced by AEG (same type as in the modern THink EV car) It has a power density of around 100 Wh/kg which is very high for conventional batteries.

The car for sale also has a full carbon fiber body and for those who know about the Swedish super car Königsegg recognizes the door conept which comes from the Solon car company car and after the close down was passed on to Königsegg with parts of the employs working with car body work.

The original car was a two seater and the car for sale is a three seater with driver in the middle like the Maclaren F1. The car is a test vehicle but was registered as a German vehicle before it was transferred to Sweden as a gift from the German company owner to Hansi Kobes which was one of the founders of Solon car company.

The car is the only known Solon car of this version and one of the only two known Solon cars still alive.

We hope that it can get a good new garage and hope that someone wants to preserve this part of electrical hybrid history.

There is much documentation that is included in the sale of the car. The documentation is in German however.

Asked price is 100.000$ (Buyer have to arrange for shipping at own expense)

Please contact us for pictures and more information if you are interested in this rare pearl.

Forgot to mention that all bids are welcomed and considered.

Best regards / finsuninresol

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