Value of "new" 2011 GEM?

I am looking for the opinion of a few of you who have more experience than me. I currently have a 2001 E825 with 6750 miles. I have owned the car since new. I have located a “new” 2011 e4. I am still researching the car, but I was told that it has fewer than 500 miles, 2015 batteries and brand new tires. The vehicle was never titled and is owned by a dealership. It has the diamond plate carrier on the back. They are asking $8900. Is this a good price for this vehicle? Secondly, what kind of trade in could I get for my 2001 with 6750 miles, cloth seats, 2014 Trojans, 7 out of 10 condition, trunkback?
I appreciate anyone’s input.


New batteries make sense, new tires don’t unless their fancy aftermarket. Ask why?

You Texas guys help him out on value.

[quote=OLD HOUSEBOATER;24642]Hmmm

New batteries make sense, new tires don’t unless their fancy aftermarket. Ask why?

You Texas guys help him out on value.[/quote]

I’ll ask about the tires. On the phone they said the sticker is still on the tread of the tires. Not sure if they replaced the tires or never drove it in the dealership This is a Polaris/GEM dealer. They did say under 500 miles, but they were checking on exactly how many miles.
I suspect your last comment is a nice way of saying that the price is too high??
I will get more mileage and battery information on Tuesday and look at the car at the end of next week. I was just looking for the “experts” guidance before I got to the dealership.
My 2001 has been a great car and a lot of fun. I am vacillating between buying a 2015 and making an offer on this car. I checked eBay and Craigslist, but there aren’t many GEMs for sale so it is hard to get an accurate value.
I do appreciate you getting back to me.

From what I have seen in TX thats high. Even if it has every possible option, big motor, hard doors, rear windows, floor mats, dual fans, and heat… Since it is at a dealer that would help explain the price. I would shop around before paying full blown retail.

Starting in 2014 Polaris switched back to the 10.35 trans axle. If you plan any future performance modifications this is far friendlier on the motor than the 12.44 unit in the 2011. If you leave it stock it’s not a concern. You might get a better trade on the 2015, How ever if your car is solid you are probably better selling it your self if there 's a market in your area. In any event bargan hard!


Guys, thanks for your insight and thoughtful comments.

6750 miles is really low mileage, does the car have problems? I sold my 2007 with 15,000 miles and all it really needed was new tires. It functioned perfectly.

I bought the car new from a Chrysler dealer. It was never titled and the owner of the dealerships used it to drive the lot. It had about 250 miles on it when I bought it. The tires were replaced in 2013 (5500 miles). the Trojan batteries (SCS225) were replaced in 2014. Delta Q charger was replaced in 2010. It has cloth seats and Trunk Back. I have 3 of the 4 soft doors. Always garage kept. Really good condition and runs great. It is titled in Texas.

Sounds like a really good car for someone.