Used parts from production hybrids

Hi guys, I’m new here but I’m looking at doing a conversion soon. I have a 95 Integra with a window in the block so I’m considering replacing it with a hybrid drivetrain.

My commute is about 14 miles each way so I would like for it to be pluag-in capable but also a fuel-burning hybrid so it can go for longer distances. Can those work together?

A friend just totalled his Prius and I have also found a salvage yard close by with hybrid parts. Between those two sources I was considering just piecing together a system cheaply made from some standard OEM components.

Questions are: How do OEM components stack up agains new EV parts on the open market? (quality, cost, efficiency, life expectancy, flexibility of use, etc)
Where can I find specs of OEn components, like a honda hybrid motor, prius motor, battery voltage/capacity/etc?
How good will batteries be after sitting in a salvage yard for unknown periods?


Does no one here have any experience with OEM electrics? Any ideas on where I would look for information?

Nobody has replied I imagine because nobody has messed with them. The hybrids are so new and complicated it will take some time for someone to do a conversion. With the amount of electronics on the new cars it would be quite an undertaking. You would need to swap just about everything from the Prius including gauge cluster pedals etc, I would imagine. Personally I would just do an EV conversion to your car. You would be able to reuse a lot of your original car with minimal fabrication. What kind of range are you looking for over your commute?

My commute is around 14 miles each way I think so I would need approx 40 miles as a bare min range.

Are there DIY hybrids out there? I mean not including honda generators in trailers adn such…

And I should clarify, I’m not planning to use an entire hybrid system, in fact I would say I’m aiming more for a “normal” DIY EV build, I’m curious if anyone has used OEM parts in their hybrid builds. I mean surely a Prius or Civic electric motor is better in cost/hp ratio than an “aftermarket” motor right?

It just seems a little bit of an untapped resource for parts is all.

I haven’t really looked at the motors they use in hybrids but I imagine they would be too small as stand alone units thats why they only use them alone to 30 mph. As far as not using all the stuff off the hybrid, that might not be an option if all of it is required to operate. I know the newer TDI engines require the gauge cluster and pedal to operate. I am not sure what all you could operate or bypass on the hybrid system. You would have to get a schematic and figure out the control stradegy. I am sure you could figure it out but it would be a chore. I mean you might be able to use the hardware and then use a stand alone control system but that would be very costly. You would need an engine management system as well as a motor controller and hope you can tie them together. Then you would need to work on all the tuning parameters. I am not saying it wouldn’t be a cool project but it would be a big one.

I’m not very familiar with the specs of the Prius’ systems. But I can easily imagine it being complicated as a whole as others have stated.

However, we both have had the same idea about cannibalizing a junked hype-brid.

What may be of most value is the Prius’ raw components - especially the batteries - such as the speed and on board charge controllers.

I imagine it will only be a matter of time before the junk yards are onto the value of these batteries and parts, as no one is likely salvaging them for Conversion EV use [I]yet[/I]…so get 'em while the gettin’s good.

Perhaps 4 or 6 prius batts can be run in series for a nice sized pack?

That’s just what I’m aiming at, using the components like the motor, the batteries, maybe even the inverter or speed controller if they aren’t crazily integrated. I would be putting it together as something a little more basic.

There are a lot of control strategies in place to make it drive like an automatic where I would just be aiming to regen brake and get the engine to shut off at stops (fixed through my fuel mapping, set idle point to 0 rpm) and then restart on takeoff.

So I suppose the real question is where can I find info on the OEM batteries and things? The spec lists for most of the cars doesn’t state details like that.

Thanks guys!

are the salvage parts cheap ??? they have a site ?

thats a complicated job…better buy a brand new hybrid..:playball: