Use of neighbourhood elctric vehicle

How often you will use electric vehicle as a neighbourhood electric vehicle?
please share your opinion with us.

I use mine every day when the temps above 50 degrees and serious rain isn’t forecasted. Living in OHIO I probably get 100 to 150 days per year.

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Where is “this place” with 99% perfect weather? I want to move there especially since it’s -5 degrees outside and w/ wind chill of -20 below right now. I’m jealous!


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GTMO-GEM, Nice place to visit but not sure I’d want to live there.


Did you buy your GEMs locally or ship them in? I’m thinking of moving to somewhere in Central America after retirement in a couple of years and I’m wondering about shipping my GEM outside the US and/or getting parts as necessary.

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And I agree 100% about your observations if the gates should ever open. I’ve often thought it would be an ideal place to retire. Cheers and thanks for sharing.

My E2 is my daily driver. The town is flat. Every thing is within 8 miles with a very large park in the middle. Hardly ever freezes, hot summers. College girls to smile at. Great place to retire. Need more? Barry, Chico, CA

If you’re talking about CA, I don’t think so - too expensive for me.

You would be correct about California. I chose this town for its life style over finances. How ever I do believe that money can buy you pleasure:-). Barry

[quote=Barry;19614]How ever I do believe that money can buy you pleasure:-). Barry[/quote]:slight_smile:

My dad always said that money can’t buy you happiness but a lack of it can buy you a lot of misery!