It's almost time to take the Gem car out again!

It’s over 60 degrees here in Maine and the snow is mostly melted. I am almost done with the maple sugaring, so it is time to take the Gem car out again. My wife and I fight over who gets to use it every day, but on a nice day I get to cruise around town in it some times. I like to drive up and get an ice coffee, then check out the antique mall and finish off the trip with a trip to the ice cream shop. We always get the smallest cones, so I think it’s only going to put a few pounds on the driver and won’t hurt our mileage much!

Well we have had the Gem out for about a month and a half now, and it’s working well. We use it for everything we have to do in town. The ice cream is alluring, but so are the antiques.

Feedback seems a lot less negative this year.

Maybe people realize what a money saver it is.