Still going in Maine

We’re still driving our GEM car in Maine. Once the snow flies we are putting it in a shed, but until then we are still getting around in it. It’s good for about 10 months around here.

Revi way to go… the sign of a real GEM trooper… just don’t get frozen to the steering wheel and seat… scary sight to someone finding you like that with a big grin… was 30 degrees and overcast here today I went to the store and back a 4 mile trip was fun but all trips in the GEM are fun to me… talked to a couple of people about getting a GEM… need to be on commission


We usually go until the parade at the beginning of December, or the snow flies. I had a student drive the GEM in a parade a couple of years ago. Since he had a new tattoo, he wore a sleeveless shirt to show it off. He was frozen by the time he got done, but kids don’t care about things like that.

We have doors and a heater, but it doesn’t touch the cold around here after December.