Free at last, thank God almighty, free at last!

I sold my GEM car today and for the first time since I bought it I feel good! Never again will I own such a bottomless money pit. May you all find happiness through your freedom too.

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LOL: that’s pretty funny. I guess you sold your gem on MLK and that’s the Free at Last, LOL LOL some might get triggered that you linked the beloved MLK with a POS Gem car but I find it funny. Kind of like the Chris Rock comedy where he talks about How Dr MLK stood for peace, but if you ever find yourself on a street in the big city named MLK “Ain’t No Peace” on that street LOL LOL

They say that there are two great days in a boat owner’s life. The day they buy the boat, and the day they sell it! I guess it’s like that for you with your Gem. We have owned a small electric car since 2005 and it’s a negligible expense compared with a gas car, but I guess it’s all a matter of is it fun? We like figuring out ways to get parts, repairs, etc. If it’s not fun, why do it?

I just didn’t use it much and when I wanted to it was usually having troubles of one kind or the other. The older GEM cars were pigs and looking at the newer models I can tell they did improve them. Even with Rodney’s steering wheel improvement kit my wife can hardly turn the wheel when stopped. The old T1 controllers are terrible in hilly country where I live because they overheat so quickly. And the ride is straight from hell. I’ve had to replace every major item on it and when I think of any car I have ever owned that boggles my mind. Would you keep a car that has had its tranny, motor, alternator, ICU, wheels and tires, lights replaced and then have it not be reliable?

I know what you mean. There comes a point when it’s time to get rid of the project car! We almost hit it last year, and then with new batts and brakes it’s doing okay now. I have a feeling that it’s going to make it only a year or two more before we sell it. I would love to get a newer version, but that may be in the future. I’m retiring, and it’s time to downsize!

They are defiantly a love hate relationship.
I love tinkering, I love it when they are running great.
I hate it when I can’t leave well enough alone and break something.
I hate it when I find another one that I can’t “not” have…
And the circle goes one… LOL

Tru Dat my fellow compadres

I second that. Thought my gem was perfect after last winters restomod but a little bump steer (post lithium install) this summer at 37 mph and here we go again. Putting a 2014 front & rear end on my 2000, 8kw ac motor, new controller, relocating the charger/stereo amp/auxiliary battery and rerouting cables. Somehow it’s never fast enough or nice enough so the project continues lol. Sure is fun though.

Will keep everyone updated on the front/rear end swap project.