Introduction Post

Hi~ :slight_smile:
I am a new member of this forum. I joined because I want to find out about others who own electric NEV’s and hope to learn from and share/exchange information about our vehicles.

I have a 2005 GEM eS. I am the original owner and use it primarily to run errands in town. I have lived in a small beach town in southern California for most of my life, which has been an ideal setting in which to use my GEM.

I have recently moved to the Seattle area and am debating whether or not I should bring my GEM with me. I would love some input from anyone who has experienced using their GEM in cold climates… or anyone who cares to comment.

Welcome Nansea

We hope that you find the forum very informative and useful and I recommend checking out the:-

GEM Forum

for further information about GEM NEVs.



Welcome to the forums! :yo: