US Battery us12v doesn't fit?

:mad: has anyone run into these batteries not fitting in the rear positions of the 05+ models? This sucks!

I think you have them sitting in the wrong direction. You have them sitting in a for lack of words, parallel. The first battery should sit side ways (horizontal), then the next battery should be in the back. What size batteries do you have? Barry

Even shorter the other direction…

I know I’m Mr. Obvious but, wrong size batteries. Why did you choose these batteries?

Because i had read they were being used on the GEM… They were in the 2002 without issue and only an issue on the rear tray. I am going to make a spacer for this weekend then build a new tray.

They changed the e2 batteries in 2005. Trojan 30XHS for flooded, deka 8g31 or Trojan 31-gel for gel batteries. Gels if you have a programmable charger. Or a spacer is good!:battery: