Upgrading a Schwinn S180

Hi people,

got my hands on an electronic scooter - Schwinn S180. I am installing 4 batteries 12v X 12AH - either 2x2 in parallel or just as a backup pack.
I am 220lbs, and with the addition of the batteries it will require a much stronger motor…
Question is, which motor should I use? The two options I’ve been thinking about are (both direct replacements - with controller - to the 180W):

  • Currie 450W
  • Currie 600W

I’d like to have the longest ride possible, don’t really care much for top speed or torque. I am talking here easy cruising (not full throttle)… Which motor would you suggest? I keep thinking to get the 600W, but wouldn’t that drain the batteries faster than a 450W for the sake of top speed (which, again, is not my priority)? Decisions, decisions…

THANKS in advance

I’d get the biggest motor out there. If you need the power you’ve got it, if you don’t need it you don’t use it and it doesn’t cost you anything in power consumption other than an addition 5 pounds to move.

I’m bolting this up to a Giant Stilleto. http://www.electricvehiclesusa.com/product_p/ki-sd-1000w.htm