Turtle showing

Help, Have a 2005 Gem ES and just moved it from SD to PS. Worked great in SD, put about 50 miles on her. As soon as I got to Palm Springs, I plugged it in overnight. Went to drive it a couple of days later and could not get over 15 MPH and the Turtle, reduced power symbol came on. I looked in the manual and it says either too much or too little charge. I figured too much and so left the lights on for a couple of hours. Just tried to drive it and it made it about 25 yards before it quit totally and the wrench symbol came up.

Batteries are about 2 years old. Display shows all bars full. GEM has 220 miles on her total.

Now what?

hi Jamsvet… welcome … have you checked the voltage of each battery? have you checked to see that all the cables are tight? think you’ll find your answer in one of these… what batteries do you have?