2009 eLHD going into turtle mode with 90% charge

I think I have seen this problem on this forum before, but could not find it. I was driving about 25 MPH accidently turned off ignition key, then turned back on. GEM had loss of torque but still made it to 25 MPH. Had 90% bars showing. Went to yellow bar and turtle mode then red bar, but still able to do 25 MPH just took longer. made it home where I turned breaker off let sit for couple minutes. Plugged in power, let charge for I hour no change. Reset breaker again, put on charger, one red bar, then charged up to 3 bars in 2-4 hours. Turned on ignition key showed 100%. Now it has done same thing while driving, but the turtle mode kicks in increasingly shorter time, still goes 25 MPH with less torque. Every time I plug in it will show full charge after short duration of one bar when ignition key is turned on. Suggestions.

Seems like bad battery or connection.
If voltage sags for even a short time it will turtle.
Run it hard and feel for hot connection.
If you can’t find it that way, use a meter to find where it’s dropping.

your charge meter has probably come out of calibration . plug it in and let it fully charge . look at the charger directly to see if it is showing green light . if so drive it and see if it is back to normal . then recalibrate your gauge .

Thank you for advice.

Thank you for advice, will try it as well. Batteries are almost 9 years old, so will check each for charge first and go from there.

Buy a new set of batteries.


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I had the same problem. Three of the batteries were going bad. New batteries did the trick.

Could also be a bad charger, check for solid green light like Inwo stated after overnight charge. If your charger is flashing red, a fault occurred, hopefully not a 6 sequential flash or else it’s an internal fault and needs to be repaired.

Charge your batteries and measure the voltage of each one. Then run the car to bring the pack voltage down and measure each battery again. I’m betting at leastv some of your batteries are no good. A lot of times the batteries will be very unbalanced after they are run.