Turtle Light on 2015 GEM E6

2015 GEM E6 with 9x8volt gel batteries the turtle turned on and checked the batteries all have voltage above 8volts. I use the car frequently and batteries take charge every time I place to charge. Any suggestions?

Should go off after next charge cycle.

Doesn’t seem to go off at all.

All batteries measure above 8 volts without load. I did a load test and measured the voltage drop on all batteries. Only one battery fell below the 8 volts when load was applied. Is this enough to make the turtle turn on.

Yes, it is.
I believe turtle latches on, and is reset with a charge cycle.

After several uses and charges the turtle is on. Like I mentioned on previous post, I think one of the batteries is not up to par. Should I just replace the one battery?

If under 3 years old - go for it

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The batteries are 4 years old. All have great voltage except for the one.

Make and type of battery?

Polaris/Deka brand 8 volt gel battery.


I bought 1 (one) new battery and the turtle turned off after charging. Keeping fingers cross doesn’t turn back on. I’ll follow up next week with any updates.


Following up with you from the August 20 reply. So far the car is running fairly well with the replacement of only one battery. I do use the car mostly everyday to take my kids to school which is only a few miles away and so far no issues with the turtle turning on.