TTXGP North America Round 3

Final Times:
1st. Michael Barnes
Team Lightning
1:35.278 (Best Laptime)

2nd Thad Wolff
Team Norton Electra

3rd Jennifer Bromme
Team Werkstatt

4th Michael Hannas
Electric Race Bikes

5th Steven Belknap
Square Wave

Team Agni
It seems Team Lightning is used AC motor and controller.I think it should be from Curtis.
The 3nd and the 4rd are using DC PM motor controller.They are from Kelly controller.
Is the AC motor system better than DC motor system?
What is the pros and cons of the each system?
As for motorcycle drving,The driving skill is the critical also.

I only want to know prons and cons of the system between AC and DC.
As I thought,the efficiency of AC will be lower than DC system
On the other hand,the noise will be lower than DC system.
I don’t know much about them.