Trying to Get into it

My name is Chip Morris and live in a Portland, OR suburb. I bought a low speed Chinese Knock-off (Flybo) in January that has had one little issue after another and convinced me I could not use it as a dependable short range commuter, but am intrigued with getting another non-low speed electric vehicle. Frankly, my head is spinning at the various options. I do not consider myself a ‘green’ individual, but more look at the economics in place. I recycle, etc. (saves garbage costs), have an older cordless mower that I love (It handles about 2/3rds of the large yard before it needs to recharge, just like me), and drive a Prius as our main auto. I am evaluating a few electrics, including a Think City which is still under warranty but the company is bankrupt…

Hi Charles,
I can’t seem to figure out how to reply to you about your question, about the Ford Think, Maybe it’s because we are newcomers?
Charles, You canText me at {moderated, please refrain from publishing private contact details on the forum}

Hi Larry -
Sent you a text message. I just joined the forum about an hour ago so I am still feeling my way around, too.

Let me know if you decide to put the Think on the market after you put in new batteries - long shot but might be interested. How old are the ones that are in it?