Travelling to australia?

[QUOTE=Randy Orton;9278]Hello everyone, I am going with my family to Australia next christmas to visit my uncle who lives out there. I am really excited about it and cannot wait but the only thing i am worrying about is the long journey? I think you have a couple of stops on the way but does anyone here know what the journey is like timewise and how many stops you have? Thanks.

bali tour[/QUOTE]

[B]Hi Randy,

You didn’t say in your post where you are leaving from?
I live in the Philippines and when traveling here from Los Angeles the flight is about 15 hours non-stop. The non-stop flight from LA to eastern Australia I think should be just about the same–maybe plus one hour or so but sure. Keep in mind that you will cross the international date line and loose one day on your way to this side of the world.
Best thing to do is check airlines online that serve Australia. Quantis Airlines would be a good start;).