Transaxle Vent oil leakage

After change of Transaxle oil on my 2007 2e am now showing small oil drip that appears to come from the transaxle vent. I understand there is a “bellows kit” that will replace the vent fitting and stop the floor drip… I see it on the internet but has no info as to how to get one. Any ideas??

The only correct way to fill the differential to the proper level is to remove it from the car, as the level plug is not in the correct position when the differential is installed.

The bellows kit is a stock part which should be available through your local Polaris/Gem dealer. If you need it, I can get you a part number, but the info is all online. I have a couple of the bellows kits, mainly because I have never found a need for them here in the midwest. Maybe in hotter climates it becones more of an issue.