Trans 2 / Gem

Susan… you have a piece of history… haha … on this I’ll plead stupid as I don’t have an idea of what or where that part goes… am sure GEMmechanic (Daniel) can weigh in and tell you more… contact him thru a PM if he doesn’t answer in a timely fashion or the guys at NEVaccessories…


Thanks I just sent him message. Yes it may be a piece of history that needs to be put to rest.

well when you’re ready to throw in the towel… my friends in Mesa might be a help and might take your car as well

Innovation Motorsports
they are a custom golf cart company specializing in complete custom rebuilding & sales of GEM car NEV’s & golf carts of all kinds. Visit their website at Home


Will do. I’m hoping I will not have to throw in towel as I need this to take my daughter to school. But of course if all else fails I will get in touch with them. Thanks Bob and hope Daniel gets message soon.

I do love this gem car and if I can’t get this one to work I’m gonna get another one

spoken like a true believer… I’ve had mine for two years… love it… drive it every day…just wish there were more around here to do stuff with… maybe also having an
e4 (4 seat) would be a little more fun than the eS

Any further luck with the Trans2? There is a wiring diagram posted on here.