Newbie who needs help

I’m new to this forum; new to LSV’s; new to GEM car; but the headaches and problems are never new. A couple months back I bought a 1996 GEM. There were no batteries in this car, the “ignition” switch was missing and much of the wiring in a “mess”. I thought getting information on this little car and finding a wiring schematic to put this little car back together would be a cinch. Boy was I overly optimistic. HELP! Would anyone be able to provide me with a schematic so I might have a fighting chance of getting this car running. I am not an electrician nor a mechanic but I can read and follow directions pretty well. Lol. Thank you.

The 1996 is an obsolete 48 volt car and was only produced thru early 1998. It has NO VALUE and your wasting your time and money doing any thing to it.

With all that being said email me and I will email you diagrams.