Towing a Gem

I would like to tow my Gem on a car dolly. Since the back tires will be traveling at 65 miles /hr. Can we change the bearings in the rear drums to handle this speed. Any advise would be appreciated.

I would not recommend towing at this speed. However, the rear wheel bearings can be pressed out and replaced. GEM does not sell these, but you can purchase trade size 6006 double sealed bearings from any industrial supplier. Two are needed per brake assembly. The maximum RPM of the bearing should not be exceeded. The small GEM wheels will spin faster than the larger wheels of the tow vehicle. If the GEM is a two-seater with the bench seat, I would recommend removing it. The bench seats are not bolted to the GEM and have been know to come loose from wind pressure and vibration.


What brand of towing products do you guys usually go for? Are you guys familiar with Blue Ox Towing products?

I have successfully towed both a 2010 and 2015 Gem fro NJ to FL with no adverse effects on the rear tiers or bearings The 2010 has been towed several times If someone wants to tow with a car dolly it can be done this is real world experience at 70 MPH