Tire chains on a GEM?

Doing a bit of research in anticipation of buying one of these.


We have 43 acres in the CO high country. Am considering a GEM car for light weight chores and to be used as a shuttle between areas of the property. Some places are a bit steep and slippery in winter, hence my question…

I’m not talking about snow-plowing/blowing or drift-busting, those things are done with a Bobcat CT450 and 3pt mounted Allied 7460 blower.

The thought is to mount cable chains on all four wheels of a GEM, it would be operating on non-rutted, packed, snow/ice/frozen gravel.

Neighbors use UTV/ATV for this stuff. I’d prefer electric given the short distances involved. I’ve looked at the electric Polaris side-by-side.they’re a bit too $pendy for my budget and people seem to have quite a few problems with them. So I started looking at the ‘golf-cart’ type options

Any assistance/feedback would be appreciated.

Suggest you look at a Club Car or A Yamaha rear drive cart. GEMs are great but front wheel drive GEMs are not good on iffy surfaces or slopes.


Thanks for the reply, that saved me from making a $pendy mistake…

I don’t know, with it being an 02 it means he has the batteries up front, with chains on and some decent tires front wheel drive generally can do quite well in the snow. Now the street tires I have on mine with chains would still be worthless because they are a low rolling resistance hard tire. Some good quality studded or winter tires and chains I would think the cart should do just fine. You will have reduced range because of the cold and would need to make sure it is always charged to prevent batteries from becoming frozen…