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Hello all my name is Eddie I just picked up a GEM 6 seater. I am new to carts but am very excited about building this cart. Can anyone tell me is there a good place to shop for parts and accessories?? I want to put more of an off road suspension on it because I spend a lot of time on the coast. I thank everyone in advanced because I am also new to forums.


I hate to say it but for off road intentions you probably bought the wrong cart. Gems front wheel drive doesn’t give good traction on problem surfaces. Being a 6 seater exaggerates the problem.

You might consider trading it off for a Club Car or EZGO. Club Car and EZ have a lot of off the shelf, bolt on off road equipment, available. For off road use, rear wheel drive is the only way to go.

Thanks for the info. I have a Yamaha Drive which is lifted as well I think I will keep it for the beach then! I really like the way these carts look so I am going to keep it and try and get it running! Is there a good source for these type of carts?
Thanks for the help

Suggest you set aside 2 hours and read ALL the posts in the GEM sub forum.Your cart was/is produced for the livery market. It is built to haul heavy loads and therefor performance is more that of a truck than a car. To a certain extent this can be improved but it won’t be a 40 MPH hot rod. If you can live within the confines of a reliable 30 MPH you will be very happy with it.


Thanks Rodney I am new to the forum talk how do I find the sub forum! Sorry to sound stupid.

Thanks Eddie

Got to the forums and click on the GEM Sub Forum under

Golf Carts, Neighborhood Vehicles and Low Speed Vehicles

Hi Eddie

Welcome to the forum.

This is the link to the sub-forum:-

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