Looking to buy a Gem Cart.

Trying to find best place to shop used Gem Carts online limited to no availability in my area

Where are you located, and what year(s) and model.are you looking for?

Located in WV but looking for cart for my place in North Myrtle Beach, SC.
Not wanting to spend over 6,000

Cool. Wish you luck, maybe someone on here will know of something nice nearby.

Unless you are interested in a project that has to be shipped across the country - I know where there is one of those nearby. lol.

Know nothing about them so I would be lost on a project.

I found one on Facebook market place about 300 miles from my house. I flew down to check it out and arranged a shipper from uShip for the next day. He picked up that day and it was in my garage about 11:00pm.

It was only about $300 to ship in enclosed trailer. Don’t be afraid to go outside of your local market. Shipping is relatively cheap for the right deal.

Any recommendations on year model to avoid or look at. Hate to go to old and have a ton of issues.

I did some quick searching there is a ton of info on this board. I have learned a lot by searching and reading. here is some info that was posted about the changes over the years.

I have a 2016 with 174 miles that has been custom built into an ice cream truck.

Let’s see the Ice Cream truck :slight_smile:
174 Miles??? That’s like 1-2 weeks of around the hood for me!

Did you ever find a Gem?

I will have an 08’ for sale shortly, highly modified. Just have to put all the body panels back on and clean up some wiring.
E4 with hard doors
98v Lithium batteries
8Kw AC motor (30hp, holds 42mph up a steep grade)
Sevcon controller
Runs like a spanked money.

Mike, can you send me Pic’s and maybe a quote? Looking to buy soon.