Total shut down

2005 E2. Drifted up to stop sign and total shut down as drifting. No display/no power. Got it home and got a partial charge on it. Here what I’ve done.
Batteries…1/13.42…2/13.11…3/13.11…4/13.01….5/13.11 and 6/13.11….maybe partial charge differences.
Fuse 9…good
Fuse 13…good
Jumped ignition key…no difference
PSDM + to - [bottom front pins ]…78.9
Contractor…across pins…78.8
Contractor white wire to PSDM neg….no reading

Replaced contactor and got a very brief display then immediate nothing. With key on and accelerator pushed…no contactor closing.

Suggestions appreciated

The contactor brief display was with key off/accelerator not depressed

It sounds like your DC converter lost output.
You checked fuses, but did you probe for V? Do you have 12v?

→ What do you get on S6 on the row of Acc Pins on the left of the PSDM.
(expect 12v)

→ Try remove/re-install Connector J4. This comes from your Surepower DC Converter.

→ Also, reseat the connector going into the surepower unit. Verify that it is getting B+ for input power and that it has 12v output on Pins 9&10.

→ Some of the older Surepower units had a fuse. Check that it is good and not corroded.

thanks for the input.
1/S6……no power
2/J4….cleaned and reinstalled
3/Converter input….no indication on PIN numbers so did both ends per diagram….one side….no power….other side meter read OL.
4/ didn’t due since no power in yet

Converter just replaced month ago with new old stock
EATON. 71030i . Does this unit have a fuse

DC Converter gets B+ power from F13.
This goes through J4 on the Org (B+) and the Or/Lg (B- ) wires.
Then ends up on Pins 1 and 12 on the Surepower Converter.

Verify that you have power going into the DC Converter.

J4….pin 5/OR and pin 6/dark grey….reading 64

Reading pin 1 and pin 12 at dc/dc…78

The older Surepower units had a fuse holder embedded in the end. Since it sounds like you have updated yours, it may not have a fuse, but it also does a pretty good job at protecting itself and shuts down the output if overdriven.

This can be seen as a momentary flash of 12v on the output.
If your car has an issue on the constant out, then you might observe a blip of power when first turned on via Main SW.