Tesla lithium Battery in a 2022 Gem

Finishing up this Beauty, 2022 E4

The owner wanted to be able to go faster and Drive farther so after talking about his idea and explaining him the available options he decided to go all in.

-Tesla Model X Battery 18s (66v nominal) with Bluetooth BMS.

-Controller Swap with Our Custom Firmware.

-35mph with Stock 5kW motor and Stock gears.

-J1772 Input for public EV charging stations.

  • AND… wait for it, wait for it…. Turf mode!!!

Turf mode: I’ve installed a Switch inside the glovebox so it can be “locked” and limited to 25mph.
Acceleration, regen braking and max speed can also be customized.

@Inwo and myself been working very hard on this and I’m very happy with the results so far.


Turf mode!!!

In CA this is called Valet Mode.
If the owner has teenagers this might need to be a key switch. No doubt they will figure out how to deactivate it with a paper clip, a popsicle stick and some chewing gum.

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Valet mode is a great name, Tesla call it like that as well.

Yes we can use a key switch, but since it’s hidden they might not even know it’s there