Temperature light on

The white temp light on the dash of my 2010 GEM e4 was flickering and is now on all the time. I am also noticing that I have lost some power going from stop and on hills. Light is on as soon as I turn the key on.
Very new to this any help would be appreciated.

welcome… think you may have a lose cable either on a battery or on the motor… just my idea as a driver and not the wrench


Thank you very much, I will check all connections

Checked all connections battery and motor all ok. On a steep hill when I stop the GEM will barley move forward very little power for about 50 feet.

Oh man… I’m just a driver…are all your batteries fully charged. . I use a Battsix battery monitor and can see what each battery is doing… the voltage each battery is generating… there is a cheaper battery management system on eBay. . It reads the total pack… suggest you get on of these…


I know zip about 2010s but if it’s the motor temp sensor and no power I’d get thee to a dealer ASAP.

I am having the same issue. I have a 05 eS. I am using flooded batteries and all connections are tight. Is the temp light for the motor or the charger?

The light is on for the motor

I changed out my motor and everything is fine now. The motor had been setting in water which caused one of the windings to short out. I think. The motor also caused a shaking on deceleration as well.
Thanks to everyone

Thanks for getting back with us. Many people don’t Very frustrating.