Technology Overview of Electric Bikes in India

In this article we will discuss the technical details of various e-bike electrical components which are currently used in the various electric bike model in India. This article will help a potential e-bike costumer to know current state of art technology in Electric bikes in India.

Various Electrical components & the specifications of E-bikes in India are as follows

       Electric Motors

a. The type of motor used in e-bike applications is Brushless DC motor.

b. Two different types of motors are being used – HUB motor & Geared Motor.

c. Hub & geared motors with 100W, 150W, 180W and 250W are used for Electric Cycle applications. ( ARAI exemption needed for this so that it comes under No-Licence & No-registration , No- Road tax criteria )

d. Hub & Geared motors with 250W, 350W, 500W, 800W are used for Electric Scooters applications. (CMVR approval needed for these bikes to be on road. Licence , road tax , registration are required )

e. More the motor power more will be the pick-up and better climbing capability on sloppy roads.

f. For a given battery power, if we use powerful motor, the driving range reduces.

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