Electric bike

I am an Engineering student and working on a project to make an electric drive. I have a limitation to use a 0.5 hp brushed pmdc motor.I have two options: 1.2 Nm 3000 rpm motor or 2.4 Nm 1500 rpm motor.
I am confused whether to use high torque or high rpm motor. For transmission we have a continously variable transmission(CVT) which has a advantage that the motor can run on constant rpm. But I have a gradeint test with 5 degree inclination or slope to pass with vehicle weight as 270 Kg with passengers. Which motor should i use???PLEASE HELP…PLEASE…PLEASE reply…:confused:

what are you going for? range or speed?

We have to pass our vehicle from gradient test which has slope of 5 degree inclination and an endurance test in which we have to cover maximum distance in 2 hrs. basically we need both…

If that’s the case i’d go with the lower RPM motor it should use less RPM and make more torque. (better for going up hill)

what do you think if we use higher rpm motor with proper gear reduction to increase torque???the higher torque motor draws the current more than lesser torque motor which will drain the battery more resulting in less range…pls reply

at that point, it’s a wash, there will be a sweet spot and they will both be balanced out. There should be a formula that you can do for power, speed, range, ect.

Do you have the total amount of power you’ll be able to use? When I get all of the information we can do the math and see for sure.