Speedo Not Working

Had an issue with my controller and replaced it with a rebuilt gen 2 unit. Car works ok, cluster is good but no speedo. The magnet looks good, connections look good. Where do I go next on this issue? Prior to the controller issue, the car ran perfect for 10 years straight.

The signal goes from the speed sensor to both the controller and instrument cluster. I would test the speed sensor to make sure it’s sending out a signal. Also make sure the ground to the speed sensor is good as it will fry the speed sensor if it isn’t.

Follow pinpoint test in shop manual in the electrical section on page 156

Problem found…Sensor cap had a crack in it. Replaced with a used one, problem solved.

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FYI, speed sensors are the same as club cars and are pretty cheap. You just have to switch out the connector.

Is there a certain speed sensor model for the 4hp motors? Amazon?

Yes, search for a club car speed sensor. There are two different ones. You want the one that’s flat. It looks the same as yours.

You will need to cut the connector off and splice yours on.