Odometer, speedometer and motor? Problems 2009 E4 GEM

After having FSIP.net rebuild controller for 2009 GEM E4, the odometer is at 199,999 and speedometer not working.

FAIP said to send it back and they can possibly reprogram odometer setting to whatever…is there a way to do this without sending Back?

Is the speedometer not working a controller problem? I have also, recently replaced the magnet and speed sensor.

HISTORY…I had 2x 2009 GEM E4’s with 2 different problems. I pulled the controller out and put it in the other cart we suspected bad controller and it started working and I sold it. I sent bad controller to FSIP for rebuild.

I just put the rebuilt controller in the other cart, which goes 4’ and stops (read my other post), replaced Speed Sensor and magnet. It is running but not perfect (still randomly stopping and slow uphill) when it stops, I pump the pedal and it runs a couple hundred yards at a time…yes…weird. Another person with this same problem say he had a bad motor.

Soooo…3 issues…
Weird odometer reading, actual miles around 1200

Speedometer reading always 0.

I’m now getting error 81, was getting 82, I think their all bogus. Running crappy, probably does need new motor but how do I find out for sure?

MY GOAL…is to get it running so I can sell it cheap …therefore I really hate to put more money in it. ANYONE INTERESTED AS IS? CHEAP? MAKE ME AN OFFER…very nice with hard doors. In Oklahoma.

How much is CHEAP?

Had to add extra words to make post long enough…

I’m not sure yet… but will consider all offers. I’m researching and looking at all options from craigslist , eBay forum…but I’m sick of working on it and ready to get it out of my driveway!

Just refurbed controller $400, new magnet and speedsensor $125

Hello, may be interested in another project - and am not too far from Oklahoma. If you come up with a price, please let us know. Thanks!

As noted speaker Roger Dawson would say, “in negotiations, he/she who speaks first loses.”

SOLD! Thanks to everyone who helped me with into on my posts!