Specifications of the Dynasty Utility NEV

When many of us were younger we may well have played with toy cars which looked like the Dynasty Utility NEV on the surface. The lines are clean, the colour is eye-catching and they seem perfect in every way. However, what does the Dynasty Utility NEV have to offer?

This is in effect a pickup style jeep which is electric powered, very friendly to the environment and also very efficient. Aside from the driver and passenger doors to this two seater vehicle, there is also a very useful access door to the cargo area at the back. This is perfect for short trips to your local refuse centre, perhaps you are moving equipment around your local area or why not use it for short journeys in your region?

The dimensions of the Dynasty Utility NEV are as follows, length 140 inches, width 60 inches, height 63 inches with a wheelbase of around 90 inches. The weight of the Dynasty Utility NEV is similar to that of other vehicles in the Dynasty NEV range at 1450lbs. This vehicle is very compact, very useful and will come in very handy to move items around your local neighbourhood. We guarantee, you will see more of these vehicles in the years ahead!

it’s nice to spotlite electric cars but you have to be fast… Dynasty Electric Car Corporation a Canadian manufacturer was sold to a Pakistani automaker Karakoram Motors and as far as I know are no longer produced… I watch NEVs sold on eBay and haven’t seen any Dynasty models listed in a long time…