Specifications of the Dynasty Sedan NEV

When you first take a look at the Dynasty Sedan NEV it looks very much like a traditional fuel powered vehicle although thankfully, in this day of environmentally friendly transport, it is wholly electric. The vehicle itself is a four seater, four-door offering which is very popular on college campus and is also perfect for general travel in your neighbourhood.

The Dynasty Sedan NEV is made from aluminium which is strong and very light compared to traditional fuel powered vehicles. It is 140 inches in length, 60 inches in width with a height of around 63 inches. The wheelbase is 90 inches and the vehicle itself weighs approximately 1450lbs which is very light when you look at the general vehicle market.

This is the perfect vehicle for short journeys in your neighbourhood, where perhaps you need to move people while doing everything under the guise of “green technology”.

Hi Folks,

I feel like I’m the last person standing. Any other Dynasty people out there. Just got this reprogrammed and it’s really fast now. Curtis 1244 controller.