Specifications of the Dynasty Tropic NEV

As with a number of electric vehicles available today, the Dynasty Tropic NEV is most certainly designed with a warmer climate in mind with very limited protection from the elements on each side of the car. Even the quickest of glimpses at the picture of the Dynasty Tropic NEV will show that it is “open plan” with limited protection on the roof although for many people living in warmer climes it will certainly offer a very interesting mode of transport.

All of the Dynasty neighbourhood electric vehicles are based on the same design and chassis and the dimensions of the Dynasty Tropic NEV are length 140 inches, width 60 inches, height 63 inches with a wheelbase of 90 inches and weighing in at approximately 1450lbs. Do not be fooled into thinking that the Dynasty Tropic NEV does not operate using the latest technology, because it does, and do not be fooled into thinking because it may look fairly basic it does not have a beating heart underneath, it certainly does!