Specifications of the Dynasty Sport NEV

This little beauty is certainly something which will catch your eye because the Dynasty Sport NEV is probably like nothing you will ever have seen before. It is commonly referred to as the sister of the Dynasty Tropic NEV but in reality it has enough personality to stand on its own 2 feet! So what does the Dynasty Sport NEV offer?

Even the merest glimpse at a picture of the vehicle will show that it is a four-door, four seater sporty type car with “air doors”. These air doors basically offer a limited form of protection against the elements while allowing the wind to flow through the vehicle at all times. There is limited protection across the roof of the vehicle and this is certainly a warm weather mode of transport!

The dimensions of the Dynasty Sport NEV are length 140 inches, width 60 inches, height 63 inches with a wheelbase of 90 inches and weighing around 1450lbs. We promise this is the type of vehicle which you will never have seen the like of before!

picture and specification pls

to my knowledge the Dynasty EV company has gone out of business… I see one come up for sale from time to time… they are cute cars but parts might be hard to find… here are a couple of sites

Dynasty Sport


like the Phoenix … maybe the Dynasty still lives… I found a working webpage

Contact Us: Dynasty Electric Vehicle
Address: F-8, S.I.T.E., Avenue, Karachi, Pakistan 75700

Phone: +92-21-38691701 (+5 Hours GMT) +92-21-38691702

Fax: +92-21-35894432

Email: info@dynastyelectricvehicles.com


photos here… not sure that you’ll find any for sale

Dynasty it car - Google Search


your lucky day…

Electric Car for sale 600 mi!