Sold my gem- reluctantly- new owner experiencing

So i sold my gem reluctantly yesterday sinceIm(moving) after just lifting it and adding a bunch in January.

The new owner is using it in his area which has some hills and he reached out to me yesterday saying he loves it, but if he has himself plus his kids (4 total) going up hill, the car locks out and acts as if the brakes come on (disc brake upgrade done).

I’ve taken this up major hills and have never experienced this, but usually would be with me and 1 other person.

2002 E-825 with upgraded ride 4 fun 7.5hp motor and controller.

Does anyone know what could be causing this?

Check the wheel hub assembly. I just did the disc brake upgrade a month ago and the hub where it mounts up against the A-arm cracked in multiple places. Looks like a defective powder casting. Anyway, when it flexes, which is all the time, even more so under weight load or in reverse, the caliper moves and grinds into the disc, acts exactly like the brakes are on. I have an R4F 7.5 also and a 84 volts, so it pushed past the metal to metal and the real clue for me was that I was all of a sudden having my BDI dropping way too quickly and only getting 12 mile range.

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I will check it out. It may be likely because my range dropped a lot as well Since the install, I was attributing it to the lift and wider wheels. It also slowed down from about 35 down to 30mph max.

Flat land feels like it runs fine, just hills.

Thanks for the help!