Sold Little 88v test battery $1,000 sold

Can build it this weekend. A member asked for one.
Only 2.5kwh 30ah
Includes wired smart bms and Anderson plugs.
1/3 of the 90ah one that I have listed.

Far enough for today, unless someone wants it.

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Inwo, how far would that pack actually allow a 72volt Gem or 72volt golf cart to go? Also, what discharge rate can it support? I know that is not a lot of amp hours but I was wondering if it may be appropriate for a golf cart instead of a road legal GEM. Could that pack be put inside of some type of enclosure for protection or would that build up too much heat? Distance might be interesting in a 1000 lb Cushman cart.

12 miles in theory, but it won’t handle high discharge.
100 to 150 amps.
I have two more that I can parallel rather than series.
44v nominal, 60ah, 200 to 300 amp discharge.

Heat won’t be an issue in most cases.

I need to see if a jk bms works on 12s. Other than that I have what I need.

I have a 14s 48v+ 100ah battery that I built for my 48v Tomberlin. Swapped it to 60 volts instead.
$1,500 with jk bms.

It is a one piece 28s module gen2 2017 Chevy volt .
Wired 2p14s.
Just like @Erniea15 's 2p22s but a little shorter.

I am looking for something that is set up for 72volts. We chatted about reprogramming the curtis controller I had a while back but instead I just bought a 600amp Navitas and pulled the curtis and put it on the shelf. My current 9 - 8v batteries can’t handle the load so I have to replace them anyway. When I hit the throttle hard going up a moderate incline, my pack will drop to around 62-63 volts and my new Navitas controller warns of low battery and will cut power thinking I have to get back home because it thinks the pack is about to die.

All I have right now are those two modules for 88v 30ah.
Diy is $500. Just the two modules. The rest of the cost is bms and wiring.