Share Ford Think replacement part numbers

Is it just me, or are most vendors that sell Ford Think parts over charging/ overpriced!? I believe they have keep secret their sources or the actual part number in order to up-sell.

I would like to start this thread for us to share actual replacement part numbers and/ or links to use as a better source. If you have ordered a replacement part and were able to get a real world part number for it, please share.

For example the wheel bearings: 6006RS

Donepart 6006RS Bearings 6006-2RS
30mmx55x13mm ABEC3 Double Rubber Sealed Bearings for Motors, Wheels, Garden Machinery, Electric Tools, etc. (10 Pack)

Brake pads: Centric 111.07990

Centric 111.07990 Centric Brake Shoes

I would like to know the actual replacement number for the brake wheel cylinders and the ball joints, etc.

I hope you all find this useful.

I’d like to add that the headlight bulbs appear to be “H3” type, which are commonly used in fog lights. They are readily available in LED on Amazon, etc

Here’s one I started a few months ago for Think parts. If we can keep them all in one place it will hopefully be easier for people to find. Ford Think Parts - Ford Electric Car Forum / Ford NEVs - Electric Forum