Second hand cars price?

How can second hand car dealers measure the used cars price. And what are the factors they are consider to measure the second value of the car? Please clarify me?

This is a very tricky one because the market in second hand electric cars is very small at the moment. I would guess dealers will quote you an extremely low price if you want to sell your EV and a much higher price if you want to buy.

Thank you for the information.

I am selling a 2012 Focus with only 200 miles if any interest. VERY good deal, but there simply isn’t a lot of knowledge around these vehicles yet…

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They consider the following things:

Model of vehicle
Condition of vehicle(Engine + Parts)

Plus supply and demand

Have a lot, insist: brand, the number of kilometers traveled, engine…

Cost of insurance is also another factor to consider as this seems to go higher and higher each year!