Sdi-22 ant 450 amp for big pmac test

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A liile hot glue.

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@LithiumGods strain relief loop. Out in and out again.


Can’t wait to drive it tomorrow!! Looking good!

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Wheelie bars set this time?

Is that a new config to the SDI22? It looks square in the pic.

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No, my wiring jig is square.

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I don’t see how it can be more powerful than previous.
S4 420a peak - S6 650a peak now
18s 66v Volt- 22s 80v SDI now
Programmed in the dark - Gabe’s matching DLD/DCF now

May not run at all. Pmacs are tricky and Sevcon DVT is, well, “Sevcon DVT”. :slight_smile:

@FUNDAD be here or be square!


Just thought:
550a controller at 80v = 44kw =~60hp in theory.
Hell ya it’s fast!
Battery/bms will be the limiter on this one.


Charging. Ready to test when Mikekc gets here,



You got a helmet?

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Our work is cut out for us. The “good” file for the ME-3031 needs work. Just got wheels turning now.
No io was used. Drive by can previously.
Wheels turn now but seems rough. Getting late, time to quit for the night.

Just got to Austin - see you in the AM - Damn its cold up here!!

Balmy 30F perfect short sleeve working weather.

We are not disappointed.
PMAC rules!
Now my garage smells of burned rubber. Tnx a lot Mike!
Any pmac motors out there not accounted for?
Now is the time for all good men to come…
@ScottyD I have a working program for you.

You have one pmac in inventory here in your OC warehouse.
That thing is a beast!!!
Does anything need to be done to it to get it to fit?

Uh, phrasing…


Too fat for A arms on pre 2013 but fits transmission. Early adapter @Troyin909 squeezed one in. Then switched to the first 8kw induction motor.

Scotty has one as well. Put it in something, like a golf cart, its a blast.
Or use one of my Tomberlin solid rears for rear wheel drive gem conversion…

Damn, we need that DLD and DCF!!!

I have a few :wink:

Need a video of that thing!!