I have a 2010 ev2 for the street I have a switch under the seat on right side. It said on +off can any of you tell me what it is for.

ruff and tuff owners manual

old houseboater is there any other way to get ruff and tuff manual I could not get in to the website you gave me

sorry my bad the site was bogus

This people are currently active but dont have manuals but have some wiring diagrams.

Ruff and Tuff Parts Resources

Thanks old houseboater that works I will see if I can fine what they switch dose under the seat.

Come back and tell us when you find out


My source says that is the tow switch.

Arlene thank for the info so when you are using the golf cart to run around the switch is it on or off would you let me know. Thanks Rick

Easy to find out. If the cart doesn’t run, the switch is in the wrong position. My guess would be in the “Off” position to run the cart.

Thanks Arlene for the info