Roof Rain gutter

An older GEM in our neighborhood with hard doors has flexible plastic rain gutters on the roof just above where the door seals touch. It seems like it would be helpful in keeping water from running down between the soft door seals.

Anyone with an idea if this was a factory part of know of a gutter type glue on seal that would work?


I’m Intrested as well I have some cars that the rain gutter is breaking down I need new ones

I did find this but would rather have it in white:

Rain gutter

In white from Amazon:

White gutter

You know you got me thinking. All you would need is some sort of automotive molding, pretty much any square style molding would work. I think back to the old body shop days where we would install a aluminum track down the side of the car and pop rivit it on. The Aluminum track would hold a colored molding of your choice. They had molding in pretty much every color. I know the gem is a curved surface but you can bend and shape the Aluminum very easy. Might be a good alternative? The factory Gem one is pretty hideous. Most of them are installed all crooked and look like hell.

Rivet-on might be a lifetime commitment I’m not ready to take… :slight_smile:

I’m sure if you bent up right you could use some 3M double-sided automotive trim tape to secure it. That stuff when it’s done right holds like Tarzan’s grip I actually think it would look pretty cool if you did a nice job it would be much more legit than what Gem offers

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I also saw some color matching half round body molding that would work as a drip rail

I ended up using some white RV rain gutter. Followed directions, seemed to go on easy. It should rain tomorrow so I will see if it helps.

I bought some of the RV rain gutter stuff as well. My factory GEM rain gutters look pretty broke down.

I payed $49 for 25 feet.
I have a few other cars that need some rain gutters so if Incan do all 3 cars for $49 that’s pretty good value, but I don’t think that’s gonna work out I’m guessing each gutter is around 6 feet long? So I have enough to do 2 cars not 3 but we will see.

That looks the same as what I used. The package I bought had 10 feet so I just cut it in half and used 5 feet over each door. I could have used another 6 inches but did pretty good with what I had. It certainly covered the most critical area.





Nice! Big improvement.

Man the Stock Gem car stuff on the Right side looks so Haggard.

I have great friends in Rome named Haggard!