Rivian All Electric Truck

My Neighbor just got his New “Launch Edition”
RT-1 Truck. This thing is crazy fast. 0-60 3 seconds. 7000 Lbs, 10,000 Foot Lbs of Torque
840 HP. AWD 4 electric motors. $80k It’s just crazy the potential that all of these electric cars/trucks have. The thing takes off so quick it can actually make you feel sick! No wheel spin, No motor whine/noise absolutely no Drama or build up. It just zips off in total silence.


That is fvcking bad ass.

How soon until you race him? :wink:

I saw one at a stoplight a few weeks ago. Down here in the land of Teslas- I’m guessing more will start to show up on the streets.

That traction/launch control sounds real fun and make sense. I like the idea of hub motors, but It’ll make for a lot of unsprung weight to control in wheel travel.

The Truck has this Annoying “sound” it’s got speakers that play what sounds like static or white noise, I guess as some way of letting people on the sidewalk hear ya coming or going. I wonder if that’s gonna be a annoying trend Electric car company are going to be expected to put on new electric cars. When your in the car you can’t hear it. But I think one of the cool things about electric is how quiet they are.

His sister Just got the Electric Mach E

Speakers for the pedestrians would be cool if they could be hacked to play something like this:

NSFW audio

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So is this and less money :slight_smile:

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This is now a law, any all-electric vehicle must emit noise below like 18mph to alert pedestrians of its movement.
This is funny because you can not hear a Honda Civic or Accord at low speeds either.

Rivian is really nice product and there will be many many more in the very near future. Those of us that are Tesla owners have been living the “Grant” experience for six to eight years, quiet, stupid fast, and no maintenance, now @grantwest know why we are going back to gas… :slight_smile:

The charging network is the deal killer for most of these. You cannot travel with most current options unless you want to spend 8 hours per day charging your car/truck.
Rivain is building a charging network slowly. Others are partnering with Electrify America and others.
Tesla has a 30,000 Supercharger network and is the only real viable option today, but that also will change quickly.

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@inwo That’s even cooler! A RWD GEM. W00t! And it even has a dump bed!

Where would one find such an uber awesome vehicle? :wink:

Better look fast. Limited production collector’s edition!

Now it they would add power dump and a heater you’d be all set.

A heater? Really? !?!?
What a true luxury that would be!

Us North Mexico transplants are kind of thin blooded and can’t take the cold like you South Canadians

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Not that I ever considered myself an admirer of another man’s rear end,
but I did check out this when it went by the other day and found myself with a bit of envy.

IRS, Adjustable coilovers, Disc brakes, Sway bar, and a hitch reciever !!!
I almost pulled out the tape measure!!!
The bar has been raised.

That’s a lot of fancy hardware there. Someone is sure gonna have some fun.

I love it! I want one!
I ordered a Cyber Truck 2 years ago. May not live long enough to take delivery. Anybody know what the wait time is for the Rivian?

I have a CT on order as well… sigh. We get our S Plaid delivered in April so that should tide me over.

Last I heard Rivian was at about 1000 vehicles - I do not know of any that have been delivered to customers, only employees or associated. I could be wrong.
Production is moving very slowly at this point. As it should…

My Neighbor is a Employee:
He said he won a Build slot in the company lottery his is #337 off the line I’ll ask what the wait time is

Is it true that the Rivian Tank Turn was done for demo purposes only and not going to be available on production vehicles? (soooo disappointed…)

That’s a good question. My neighbor said that the tank turn is very hard on components so in my opinion they would be smart to not let people do that

How funny just as I was replying to this text look with drove by

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I wonder if anyone has put a number to how many tons of brake pad dust is removed from the roads, water and our lungs due to EVs braking regeneratively?

I think it is offset by the amount of carbon dust from our DC motor brushes.
Yet another reason to go AC.

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