Electronic engine sound maker

I’m looking for a sound maker for my Smart Electric Drive. I have found one vendor, however they are located in Sweden. (Eveess.se). I like the concept of a speaker that mimics the sound of idle, acceleration, etc. However I’m looking to find someone who may have installed a similar system in the US.

Thanks in advance.

Why would you want to make noise in an electric car?

So as to not run people over.

Old post, I know. But I had to laugh when I read this.

I can practically clip someones heals before they hear me coming. I hate honking at people. So I usually ‘stalk’ them until they turn around and see me. Or get curious and look to see what that like buzzing noise is.

Case in point …

EDIT Also - I am a ‘technical guy’. I imagine it wouldn’t be too difficult for a guy like me to make such a device. It would be a glorified sound maker. If you wanted to get really fancy, you could build something using a Raspberry Pi. But heck, if you only wanted one sound … you might even be able to use a kids toy and a cheap amplifier?

How about the sound of burning rubber and a 2,000 hp dragster leaving the line ?