Ride for Fun motor upgrade

Hello, I’m considering buying the Ride for Fun replacement motor upgrade and I’d like to hear some feedback from any members that have used it in their Gems. Would like to hear any pros or cons before making the purchase. Thank you in advance.

It’s just rebranded.


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Much appreciated! Should I assume you tried one, or know someone that has?

I bought direct and installed. You need to bypass the orig motor heat temp gauge sensor wire by splicing them together. Ride 4fun install instruction exlain this on their site. My motor has run strong since I installed. I do have my own programmer for the controller.

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I did the motor and controller with ride 4 fun.
Easy to install with no problems. Top end I go about 38 mph. Just don’t forget to add thermal heat paste to the bottom of the controlleR when you reinstall it other wise it will over heat and put you in to limp mode (turtle) error. They wanted to rebuild the thermistors for additional money.