Ride Data

So I decided to strap my trusty HP Netbook to my gas tank and tether it to my Alltrax AXE4834 programmable controller via a serial/USB cable and by running their ControllerPro software get some excellent data

what I like best about this setup is that it shows you not only the voltage but the amps without an external shunt as it gets the data directly from the controller, among other things like throttle position, a date/time stamp, and temperature (of something called a diode, lol)

what boggles the mind is that Alltrax has just finally offered the voltage reading on their homegrown Ex-Ray gauge/speedometer, for a while their original device did not even show us that, how lame is that, maybe in a year or two they will display the amps, lol, meanwhile I am thinking of buying an old Windows Mobile phone off of eBay and running ControllerPro on it and using it as my gauge, what do you guys make of that hack/idea?


  1. What’s the difference between Output Current and Battery Current? And how can I draw 192 amps from the battery pack but “output” 375 at 6:41:08 pm?

  2. How can I draw 260 amps from the battery pack when I am using a 200 amp fuse, wouldn’t it blow?

  3. I forget… lol

please note I had to trim the attached data file do to this forums file size limitations

someone on another forum explained to me that the controller takes 100 amps from the 48 volt battery and for example doubles the amperage to 200 while halving the voltage to 24, the power remains the same, that makes sense, but now I wonder if it can do the opposite and double the voltage while halving the amps?

answer to self

No, it doesn’t.

Controllers are buck converters. The PWM only works at Pack voltage down to 0. You can go 0-100% PWM, there’s no such thing as 150% PWM.

thank you frodus @ electric motorcycle forum