Ride 4 Fun or even stock motor case temps

My new to me Ride4Fun has no thermal sensor so I jumpered it. I know I am pushing things pretty hard with 96-98 volts so I am trying to get a sense of what is good and what is bad. At some point, I’ll grab a temp sensor off ebay and install it onto the motor but for now, I am just taking temps via a point and shoot laser. It’s a Class H right? Does that mean they are fine up until 350f?!

I wanted to know some averages for people. I saw 185f on mine yesterday and that seemed too hot.

If you search this topic you’ll find that I have had the same question and been unable to answer it. I’ll share what I’ve learned.
My gE 5HP would run as high as 205 on hard runs at the hottest point on the motor which was mid motor or so. For that reason alone, I bought a blue motor. Wasn’t looking for more power or speed, just lower temp. I seem to have dropped 20-30 degrees in general. However, I don’t believe the outer case is the critical point where we need to be concerned about. Its the armature wingdings which we cannot get a reading on. I believe the H rating of 350 is at the armature winding and not the exterior. The million dollar question is; how much of the heat is dissipated prior to reaching the point where we can measure it?
At the end of hte day, I have decided that any temp below 200 seems to be safe with no concerns. The R4F blue motor has excellent cooling compared to the GE motor and while it gets quite warm, I do believe that it can handle even quite a bit above 200 with no problems.
I’d love to hear what others are reading and will be sure to take some added readings next time I drive it hard.
One thing I have considered is a small 12V fan blowing on the motor as an added and inexpensive precaution.


I did see that thread. I was stirring the pot up by making my own. :sunglasses:

Thanks for the summary. That’s all good info and sets my mind at ease.

200 is right at the Highest temps I have taken. This is with a Ge 7hp motor. Check out the cool air kit” thread for some ideas on getting more air in and around the motor or controller


I saw the cool air kit thread. I don’t drive more than 3 miles total in a day so I’m not going to stress it too much if everybody says thats normal. :+1:t3:

I have run multiple GE motors hard . High voltage , hard Accel and full Regen . Never had a high heat error code . I have got it on the controller but not on the motor . I have measured them to 250 degrees.

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Code 41 is controller over heat what code is Motor overheat? I have found that most of the time when the motor overheats it breaks the speed senc magnet. So if your magnet is breaking most likely your motor is getting 200+ degrees on a regular basis

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A code 41 can also be tripped by fully stomping on the accelerator on a high voltage car.

(I think all of us here know this, I just mentioned it in case anybody in the future is running into issues and finds this thread.)

Wouldntya know it. Grant comes her and talks about a code 41 controller overheat and I got my first one yesterday. :slight_smile:

I think running the MM plus all my new mods was too aggressive.

It’s never too aggressive, you’ve just identified the next weakest link :slight_smile:

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